Sugar Glider FAQ’s



What are sugar gliders?
Sugar gliders are marsupials from Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia.   They are about the size of a hamster, but they have a very long tail that is about 6-7” long.  Gliders are also nocturnal.  Their large eyes allow them to see at night.  Relatives of the sugar glider include (but aren’t limited to) kangaroos, koalas, possums & opossums, and wombats.  Sugar gliders are not rodents.

Are sugar gliders rodents?
No.  Sugar gliders are marsupials.  They are related to kangaroos, koalas, possums & opossums, and wombats. (And other marsupials.)

Where are sugar gliders from?
Gliders are native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia.  They make their homes in the humid rainforest treetops.

What do sugar gliders eat?
Sugar gliders are Omnivores which means they eat both plant matter, and “meat” which they eat in the form of insects.  At least 50% of the sugar glider’s diet consists of protein.  In the wild, sugar gliders eat eucalyptus sap and acacia gum along with insects.

Do sugar gliders make noise?
Gliders make many different noises.  Click here to hear the different sounds that sugar glider make.

Why do sugar gliders have such big eyes?
Sugar gliders are nocturnal.  Their big eyes allow light in so that they can see at night.

Can sugar gliders fly?
Gliders have a thin piece of skin that connects their wrists to their ankles.  When a sugar glider jumps a far enough distance, they will spread their arms and legs which opens their membrane like a parachute.  In the wild, sugar gliders have been known to glide hundreds of feet through the air.

Do sugar gliders smell?
Male gliders have two scent glands – one on the forehead, and the other on the chest.  Intact males can be quite smelly, but neutered males and females don’t have a noticeable odor (at least to me!).  If a glider’s cage isn’t kept clean, it will start to smell, no matter what the sex of the glider.

How long do sugar gliders live?
In the wild sugar gliders live to be between 5 and 7, but in captivity gliders can live to be up to 15 years old.

Do sugar gliders make good pets?
If the gliders are healthy and tame, they make amazing pets!  Gliders, however, are not pets for everyone.  Click here to find out if gliders are right for you.

Can sugar glider go outside?
No, a sugar glider would run up a tree and never come back. If you need to take your glider outside, secure it in a carrying pouch.

Do sugar gliders need to be kept in pairs?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. No human can ever give a glider the companionship that it receives from another glider. If you can't buy two, don't buy any.



What kind of cage do they need?
It is best to buy a cage that was made specifically for gliders.  We sell cages in our Sugar Shop.

What size cage do they need?
24 " wide x 24 " deep x 36" high is the minimum size that I recommend for a pair of gliders.  Of course, bigger is always better when it comes to glider cages.

What do sugar gliders need in their cages?
Fresh water daily, fresh food nightly, toys, branches, and an exercise wheel are all glider cage necessities.

Do gliders use water bottles or cups?
Bottles are better than cups because they don’t get soiled like cups do.  Even if you have a bottle you should change the water daily, and wash it in the dish washer weekly.

Where will they sleep?
Sugar gliders love to sleep in pouches. All of the gliders in the cage will sleep together. You can buy pouches in our Sugar Shop.



Can you feed sugar gliders a pelleted diet?
Even if your pellets say "Complete Diet", pellets should never be the sole source of nutrition. Pellets are good to leave in your glider's cage as a snack during the day.

Are there any foods that I shouldn't feed my glider?
Onions, garlic, sugary foods, junk food, and foods high in fat. Nuts and seeds are very high in fat, so stay away from these. Peanuts are likely to become contaminated with aflatoxins, so don't feed gliders peanuts. Also, don't feed sugar gliders baby food.

I have hear something about calcium/phosphorous ratios...what is that about?
Gliders need high calcium and low phosphorous ratios so that their bones will be strong. The calcium to phosphorous ratio should be 2:1. Make sure that you don't over feed foods that are high in phosphorous and low in calcium. (such as corn, tomatoes, and bananas)

Can sugar gliders drink tap water?
Yes. - If your water tastes really bad, use filtered or bottled water.

What diet do you recommend?
I feed my gliders the Exotic Sugar Glider Diet. I believe that this is the best diet formulated to date. However, there are many "proven" diets. Please research glider nutrition, and choose a diet for yourself.

When and how often do gliders need to be fed?
Gliders should be fed once every evening around dusk. The next morning, you need to remove their dishes.

What percentage of my gliders diet should be protein?
At least 50% of the wild sugar glider's diet is made of protein (in the form of insects). This is why live insects are so important to the pet sugar glider's diet.